Do We Have to Go Home?

Today’s Pictures

Today is the last day of our typical activity schedule, and now it draws to a close.  As usual we sent trips out and welcomed them home.  We tied lanyards, sanded rough corners, and played card games.  After nearly three weeks I could call our daily order of operations a routine, but I can’t use that word in a sense that renders camp ordinary.  Today, Climbers scaled the  300 foot face of Pilot Rock.  In paddling, 9 young men made their first acquaintance with the  Nantahala River – one of the most iconic stretches of whitewater in the Southeast.  Hikers fresh from three days in Panthertown Valley are telling their cabins tall tales of snakes and salamanders, of granite domes and hidden waterfalls.  Where is all this typical?  Where else can a boy grab three friends from the room next door and play eighteen holes of disc golf on a whim?

Sometimes I worry I get repetitive, especially with superlatives, but to capture all that happens in a day at camp and lay it down in words is a daunting task.  I find it especially daunting as this session really has been great day in and day out.  The weather, the community of campers and staff, everything is worthy of note and praise.  And there are so many moments I’ve missed and not shared with you, of friends looking out for each other, of reflection, of fun, and of the multi-part saga of the world’s fuzziest fish.  Don’t worry; your son(s) will be eager to share everything with you come Friday when you arrive.

While I’m thinking of Closing Day, I’d like to pass along a few logistical details:

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you Friday morning. You are welcome to bring family and friends – we make plenty of lunch to cover guests that aren’t in our original count. If you know of anyone that is interested in a camp session for their son, they are also welcome to join us & see what we are all about firsthand.

Remember, the guys will be ready to see you at 9:45am.  Please do not plan to arrive until after 9:15am when we have staff in place to load trunks and show you where to park.  The campers will be well-occupied singing all of their favorite songs in a final and most raucous assembly until about 9:40. After you stop by the gym and get your son’s trunk loaded you will park in campfire field. You can then meet up with your son by the dining hall on Mystic Hill after assembly ends. After that, he can show you around his activities and demonstrate the skills he learned throughout the session.

Lunch will be served for everyone beginning around 11:30am, but feel free to continue visiting with your son’s counselors and friends. Be sure to catch up with your son’s counselor and stop by the cabin to get any belongings that did not get into the trunk.  During the morning or on your way out, don’t forget to check out at the office and pick up your son’s envelope with cabin pictures, store account refund (hopefully!), and other important items.

That’s all folks!  We’re looking at an excellent final day at camp, and we’ll tell you all about it tomorrow night!


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