We Like Mondays!

Today Pictures

What an exciting Monday!  The day started out with a bang with a number of kids eating early to get a fresh jump on the day.  Our climbers are typically this first group out the door everyday.  We pride ourselves on getting the climbing route of choice by being the first one at the rock everyday.  Our climbers typically eat around 7:30 so they can be ready and out the door by 8:30!  That is a quick start!

Our hikers were busy today too.  We had a number of guys packing for their three-day trip to Pisgah.  It took them a little more to pack, but they still had plenty of time to hike.  The hikers in camp spent their time looking for macro-invertebrates in streams on the property.  The water is so clean it allows the guys to find all sorts cool bugs!

The paddlers had to make an alternative plan today.  The Green River was shut off…  That sort sounds funny, doesn’t it?  You should see the face of a 10-year-old when you say that.  Like many rivers in our area, the Green River has a hydro-electric power station upstream.  While the river is not shut off completely when they are not generating power, it is typically very low.  Do you know many areas of these mountains didn’t have power until hydro-electricity? Anyhow, we are fortunate enough to have very skilled staff and many options in the area.  So, the guys headed over to an easier section of the French Broad north of Asheville.   They had a great trip!  The boys are really taking off with their skills and many are moving into solo boats.

Mountain biking took off for a quick trip to DuPont this morning as well.  What an incredible place to mountain bike, and it is right in our back yard.  We have a two-day off to Tsali in Nantahala National Forest tomorrow.

While it was particularly busy today, an afternoon rain shower calmed things down for the latter part of the day.  It brought a nice coolness to the air and a calm to the campers (maybe not so calm).

The big surprise of the day for the guys was our super-secret recording of the US vs. Ghana World Cup Match.  We offered it up as an alternative evening activity.  Needless to say, the guys were pretty excited, as were many staff members.  We will try to do a few more delayed viewings this session.  Do your best to keep the scores a secret since we typically watch them after-the-fact.  The beauty of camp is that we are secluded from these daily events so we can still pull off the late showing and enjoy it.

I sure do like Mondays at camp!  There are all sorts of pictures.  Most of it is from activities, but there are a few from last nights campfire as well.

Have a great night.




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