Too Much Fun?

Today’s Pictures

I started my day with one of the few longstanding traditions of the director cooking pancakes for camp on Saturday mornings.  The tradition started with Townsend’s father, Sumner, who founded camp.  I must admit, I’m not really that good at it, but I had a good time doing my best to help Nathan with the pancakes.  Mostly, I made a mess, filled coffee and flipped the easiest pancakes.  I still feel like I was helpful, but I have a lot to learn.  The boys ate a ton of bacon and pancakes. I don’t think they were too concerned with any of my wrinkled or folded cakes.

As long as we are talking about food, I should also mention the awesome pizzas that Debbie and the crew make for lunch on Saturdays.  Man are they incredible.  Awesome dough, tons of cheese, tomato sauce, and then most of them with pepperoni.  There were a few “fancy” one that have feta, mushroom, and tomato slices.  As you could imagine, most of the youngest guys go for just plain cheese.  The boys ate it up!  As you could imagine, it made for a great rest hour.

I’m not sure it is possible, but the guys must be having too much fun!  I was fortunate enough to spend most of the day out in camp since our normal photographer, Mar (short for Margaret) was off today.  I really enjoyed seeing all the fun.  It allowed me to hang out with the guys a bit, find out what they like about camp, and enjoy camp a little.  Man are they having a blast!

There are probably a few things I need to explain about the last 24 hours so you can fully appreciate the pictures you are about the see.  First, was the air band event we had for evening program last night.  You will see a lot of laughing and funny attire from all the cabins as they did lip sink and routines to varies tunes.  I’m not sure you will understand all of what they are doing, but it was a good time!

Today there are a few special events in activities that were pretty cool as well.  Down at rock climbing the guys had the opportunity to try out the slack line or do crate stacking.  The slack line is a great tool and fun activity that really helps balance and core strength as you try to move from one side to the other.  Crate stacking is a “home grown” activity that was created several years back.  Again, this is a big focus on core strength and balance.  While on belay, boys try to stack as many  milk crates under themselves as they can while remaining on the stack.  The key steps are catching the crate, stacking it, and then getting on top to do the next one.  Oh, and one more step.  You can’t let them fall.  It creates a great spectator event once the participant gets up to about 12 crates.  The end result is this cool towering crash of crates with a climber hanging in the air.  The highest stack came in around 25.  Pretty impressive.

The barn did some games on horseback today.  The highlight of their lesson is the dance move to the hanging doughnut on a string that they have to eat without using their hands.

Finally, Camp Illahee, an awesome local girls camp, hosted us for some tennis and soccer this afternoon.  It is always a fun event.  The girls and guys all had great attitudes and played very well together.

We wrapped up the day with some fun evening programs and called it a day!  I am looking forward to Sunday, where we take a little slower pace to the day, reflect on the past week, and prepare for the week ahead.

Have a great night!


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