Are You Strong Enough?

Today’s Pictures

For most of our cabin counselors, the day starts at 7:45 in the morning when the bell rings.  That’s if they choose to sleep in and not shower.  Many of the guys get up early to take care of personal things BEFORE the bell rings.  Once that bell rings, it go time!  Getting the boys moving is the first big step.  This is not too hard in junior camp; their naturally morning people.  The guys up the hill, however, those 13 and 14 year old guys are another story.  Everyone gets dressed for the day and then attempts to clean-up their personal items, make their bed, and take any wet stuff outside.  The next step is cabin clean-up. Clean-up includes sweeping, trash, stuff, the bathroom cleaned and mopped, dry stuff off the line, trash out, trunks closed, shoes up, lights out, and inspection. Now clean-up can vary quite a bit from the youngest to the oldest age groups.  The older boys have the skills (sort of) but not a lot of motivation.  The youngest guys couldn’t be more eager (as long as it’s not their stuff) but they lack the skill.  Have you ever seen an 8 year old with a broom?  Don’t get me wrong, they have a ton of spirit and effort.  It’s just the results we need to work on.  The breakfast bell rings.  Time to  empty the cabin and head to the dining hall.  This is perfect if everyone and everything is ready.  Again, a little more of a challenge if they are not quite ready.

So… This one event is the first thirty minutes of a cabin counselor’s day.  Yep, thirty minutes to get all that completed; everyday, with a smile!  I didn’t include instruction time, meals, evening activity, shower time, lights out, bedtime, or brushing teeth.  We pack all of that stuff into the other 13.5 hours of the day.  But wake-up and clean-up has to be done in thirty minutes.  It takes a super cool college student to take on that task.  They have one advantage.  The kids think they are the coolest, and the counselors are strong enough to handle it.  Are you strong enough?

We do have an incredible staff.  It takes a lot of work and effort to find them.  It’s worth every minute once we find the right one.  We have found some of the best here at High Rocks!  I sure do appreciate their effort, time, and motivation.  They Rock!

Today sure was another awesome day in High Rocks Land.  A beautiful sunny day in the mountains with a nice breeze and plenty to do.  We did get a little rain during evening activities, but the kids played on with no worries.

We had several groups out on trips today.  Canoeing had two half-day trips heading down the French Broad River.  Our second caving trip went out early this morning.  Rock climbing took a trip out to Looking Glass Rock in Pisgah National Forest.  Finally, most of Lookout was up on the high ropes course for the morning.  Trips out of camp add a little challenge to pictures.  We will try to get some cameras out on trips, but don’t worry if you do not see your son every night.  He may be on a trip that day.

Foxhollow, Outpost, Windswept and Hillside all went out on their cabin overnights tonight.  It was a first for several of the Hillside guys.  They were pretty excited!  I will try to get the results of the dirt, cheese, marshmallow, campfire, pizza sauce, chocolate, and fun captured on film as they return in morning.  It makes for pretty fun pictures.  Remember, it all washes off except for the memories :).

Have a great night! We’re having a blast!



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  1. June 11, 2014 by Debi

    You rock, Don. Love the blog, love High Rocks!!!!