Super Sweet Sunday

Today’s Pictures

It sure was another awesome day at The Rocks!  The guys enjoyed the late wake-up that is typical for Sunday.  They were very excited when they found out the Krispy Kreme fairy came by last night and left a ton of doughnuts.  We had a beautiful partly cloudy day in the 80s!  It finally feels like summer up here.

Zoob did our morning service and then we headed into a morning choice period.  I must admit that the guys are a little winded.  I saw several guys takig the opportunity to sit under the trees and read or write a letter.  There was a bunch of laid back fishing and even some lazy time in the canoes.  Those that wanted to tear it up, were over at tennis, the gaga pit, the bouldering cave, and even in the gym.  Disc golf was in full swing, with guys on most every hole.

This afternoon we all participated in age-group activities.  The guys all enjoyed some canoe fill-ups, ultimate Frisbee, an all out attack on campfire hill (go juniors), and some classic capture the flag!

We enjoyed a wonderful grill-out for dinner.  Woody and John D. cooked up a bunch of burgers and dogs.  We added all the fixins’, a few sides and enjoyed a wonderful meal out on the lawn.  The guys ate almost every burger and dog!  Man they like to eat!

I sure do enjoy Sundays at camp.  It’s time to head off to campfire where we will sing some songs, wrap up our week, and listen to Dan Noland tell us a story.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  Monday will bring a ton of excitement.  We have six trips all heading out of camp tomorrow.  That may make it a little tough to find your son in pictures.  We try to send out cameras on trips, but the safety is more important.  Again, we will try to get some trip pictures this week.  If you don’t see a lot of pictures of your son, write a quick e-mail and tell him to get in front of the camera.

Good Night!


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  1. June 15, 2014 by Debi

    Don, these are some of the best pix showing what summer camp is all about. Sheer happiness and joy and tons of fun!!!