No time to waste…

Today’s Pictures

It was another great day at High Rocks!  You can tell that the boys are completely at home these days by the way they carry themselves, the inside jokes amongst cabin mates and the general energy around camp.  It has been super fun to watch many of the guys reach some of their goals for the session.  We have a bunch of paddlers that have just graduated into kayaks and many archers that have just passed another level.  It is so cool to see their hard work pay off and then new goals being set.

Some of our youngest guys headed out on a two-day hike to Panthertown Valley in the Nantahala National Forest.  They will get to enjoy some easy hiking with lots of beautiful waterfalls to view.  The boys will get to cook dinner out and sleep in tents this evening.  I am sure there will be some games by the campfire as well.  I can’t wait to hear the stories from their big adventure!

We also had a group of climbers that headed out on a two day climbing trip in Pisgah National Forest.  They climbed at the Cedar Rock area and will get to enjoy some more climbing tomorrow in that area.  The Mountain Bikers headed over to DuPont this morning for a nice ride.  It is so great to have such wonderful mountain biking in our back yard!  The paddlers had a great day on the Tuckeseegee River.  We had several tandem canoes and one solo canoe.  It is a real art to paddling a solo boat down the river.  I must confess a talent that I wish I had.  It is often a really strange and exciting feeling to watch campers grow and mature so fast and take on new challenges that would have seemed impossible just a year ago!

Around camp activities were clicking right along.  In arts and crafts today the morning classes continued working on projects in the woodshop.  It is so cute to see them completely immersed in their projects with their safety goggles on!  Hiking worked on building fires today using some primitive techniques.  Climbers continued to work on new routes on the tower and new techniques.  I can assure you these campers are busy all day long.  The staff have great plans for these guys and not a moment to waste!

This evening the horseback riding staff arranged for a “Cowboy Dinner” for some of the riders.  I might call it more of an “Urban Cowboy Dinner” since they dined on pasta with a vegetable cream reduction sauce.  As you can tell our staff does not mess around!  I might have to go and see if there are any leftovers.

Our counselors are working hard on letters that will enlighten parents on their campers’ experiences thus far at camp.  We will be emailing these letters over the weekend as they come in.  We hope that these letters will provide a nice framework for understanding more about the High Rocks experience and many details that can hopefully spark conversation upon their return home.  They are boys after all and we will give you every advantage we can think of!

Off to find some of that “Urban Cowboy Dinner”!


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