We are Amazing!

Today’s Pictures

So that was what I heard from Andrew our Head of Hiking today as he addressed the crowd down by the lake this morning.  He talked to the boys about how amazing it is that we all exist.  He charged us to appreciate everything we have around us, but most importantly, appreciate each other.  It was a great way to start our beautiful mountain morning up here at High Rocks.

What a joy it is to have such an amazing group of boys this session.  Some of these campers have been here for eight years! I am really impressed how these boys work together. We are looking forward to these boys showing the Mini II group what High Rocks is all about. I sure do appreciate these guys; the whole the stinky goofy, crazy, dirty, bunch of them.

The big excitement this afternoon was the Annual Upper Senior Challenge. It’s an age-group event for the oldest group of boys. They guys run through many of the activities they have learned throughout the years here at camp, but most importantly it’s about the cabin; sticking together, helping each other, and working through problems as a team. I love this event. I really enjoy watching the guys work together and work so hard to finish. We finished on campfire hill with some Gatorade, freeze pops, and a grand applause for all. It is always a great event.

It’s time to head up to campfire and enjoy another mountain evening by the fire.  Have a great night!



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