Another Fine Day

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It sure felt like the High Sierras around here today.  The low pressure system that created Arthur sure did bring in the dry cool air.  All of our Starter I parents had their sweatshirts and jackets on for pick-up this morning.  It was 55 degrees here this morning!  The afternoon brought wonderful temperatures in upper 70s with a nice breeze.  A few clouds danced in just to make it look nice.  What a perfect day in the mountains!

Completely random, but I can’t believe how much these guys eat!  Pancakes were a big hit at breakfast. The guys ate nearly every one.  We kept making them, and they kept eating. Lunch brought homemade pizza with more cheese and pepperoni than you could imagine. Once again, we made more than we needed and the guys ate almost all we could offer. All that cheese and bread made for a sleepy rest hour.  Finally, we had a nice picnic with subs for dinner that we washed down with our “once-a-week” soda.

Activities were in full swing today with everyone in camp for the weekend.  The boys are really in a groove and ready to start tearing up on some trips come Monday.  The big hit was today’s “World Equestrian Games” down at horseback riding.  One fo the games is called horse ball.  It’s an actual game played in Europe with a small playground size ball.  You play it in a ring with a net at each end.  We had to use buckets for our net, but it was a lot of fun!

Tonight we hosted the older half of Camp Illahee for a square dance while the younger guys headed down the hill to Illahee for a separate dance.  Zoob stayed up here and I was able to lead the younger guys down to Illahee.  It was a great event at both venues.  What a wonderful group of ladies. 

That was plenty for one day!  Keep the cards and letters coming, please!  The guys are increasingly “plugged in” throughout the year and camp is a great time to learn that communication can take place through a means other than a smart phone!  We’ll do our best to get them to write back.

Take care,


Don Gentle

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