Everything is Awesome!

Today’s Pictures

I have just left our middler age group watching the “Lego Movie” for their movie night.  I can’t quite shake the theme song lyrics everything is awesome.  It made me start thinking about all the awesome adventures these boys are having while at camp.  It also made me start thinking about all the awesome things that camp provides that you might not realize at first glance.  This morning, for example, we had a very emotion filled rendition of the song “The Rose” during assembly.  The boys know the words and sing it like they mean it.  It was so cute to hear one of our new mini session campers belting the song out as he walked between activities this morning.  Enthusiasm spreads quickly around this place!

We had an impromptu debate this afternoon organized and mediated by campers.  Camp is a special place that plays by different rules and the guys eat it up.  Bed head is not only acceptable but very much encouraged.  Not only is it a good sign that you showered the night before but it is also a badge of honor.  Good bed head is not always easy to come by.  We have some extraordinary examples here at High Rocks.  Matching clothes are acceptable but not required at camp.  You will notice that campers gravitate to their favorite t-shirts and shorts.  They may or may not be a good idea to pair together outside of camp boundaries.  Our boys do know when to step it up and always pull out that nice shirt packed at the bottom of their trunk for the square dances.

Talk about awesome, we had a two day trip head out this morning that spent today mountain biking at Tsali Recreation area and then tomorrow will get to spend the day paddling on the Nantahala River.  They came up with their own menu for dinner tonight with gourmet burgers complete with bacon, avocado, and chili to name a few of the choices.  The boys were very excited this morning when they departed and I can’t wait to get the update tomorrow when they return.  We also had another paddling trip out to the Little Tennessee River today.  They boys had a full day and squeeked in at the very end of dinner tonight after a big day on the river.  Some of our climbers spent the day at Cedar Rock climbing.  They each got to summit several climbs in the absence of any afternoon thunder showers.  The boys on the five day hike enjoyed a resupply and spent the afternoon on Black Balsam in Pisgah.

As long as we are talking about things that are awesome I should also mention the weather.  It was a beautiful cool morning that warmed up nicely without ever getting hot today.  I hope that many of you are enjoying some beautiful weather as well!

Enjoy some awesome,


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