Final Campfire

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It sure has been an incredible four weeks (and two weeks for those awesome Mini guys)!  I am so thankful for everyone one of these boys and their families.  We constantly talk about community and what the High Rocks community is all about. Well… The High Rocks community is your boys and what they bring to this wonderful place.  We certainly have an amazing piece of property, excellent staff, and great activities, but what really makes it special is the boys who come here.

Campfire was awesome tonight!  Over 20 boys received their five-year backpacks at campfire this evening.  I love when a counselor comes back to camp and he is still toting around his High Rocks pack. We had three previous campers who are now staff receive their 10-year Fritz Orr paddle.  This isn’t just some machine-made paddle out of pine.  Each paddle is hand made by Fritz Orr himself.  Many of the inlays include rosewood, walnut, maple, and other fine woods that Fritz re-purposes for these paddles.

Here’s to a wonderful session and a great July!  When you meet up with your son tomorrow, I can’t guarantee he will have a clean shirt or even have all the paint from color war washed off.  What I can tell you is that he he tired, worn out, and has mixed feelings about leaving all his friends.  Don’t get me wrong, he is super excited to see you, but he’s still thinking about not seeing all his buddies for another 48 weeks. Thanks for sharing!  You Rock!

Travel safe.  We look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow.

Don Gentle and Zoob Gentle

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