The Fun is Just Beginning

Today’s Pictures

It sure was quiet this morning at 7:30 AM.  I did enjoy the cool 64 degree morning.  It’s not everywhere in July where your air conditioning is only a screen and you still have to pull up the blankets to stay warm. While Connestee and Hillside were quiet, there was still a bit of tussling around. Those guys were pretty excited about this morning! I will say the older guys were still trying to put it all together well after the wake-up bell.

The first night in the cabin always takes a little adjustment. First, you have all the crazy new noises while your trying to fall asleep.  Then the noises in the morning. Most of these guys sleep in air conditioning.  It’s always quiet.  Then you have that “where am I?” moment.  Has that ever happened to you?  You wake up and forget you are someplace new.  It happens to kids more often because they are so used to being in the same place.  I quizzed a few guys in the breakfast line this morning.  We talked about crows, sleep talkers, dog barks, and the “Where am I?” moment.  My favorite is the bed head.

The day took off from their.  The boys were running strong all day. Many boys worked on skills that will later be the foundation of their success in these activities. Some of our oldest groups will head out on their first river trip tomorrow.  Time to shake off the cobwebs, remember the routines, bring back the muscle memory, and learn some new skills.

Our starter guys had a rock star day!  First some climbing, then more horseback riding, and finally some target sports down at riflery and archery to round out the morning.  This afternoon the guys hit the fishing docks, cruised the lake in canoes, and then enjoyed a choice period.  Tonight, they had a challenging night with THE MUD PIT!  Priceless…

Lookout, Pinnacle, Halfway, Outpost, and Holiday I all enjoyed a quiet night out for their cabin overnights.  We will see them in the morning as they drag themselves back from the woods just in time to make it to breakfast.

Tomorrow we have four trips heading out.  The paddlers are heading off to the Tuckaseegee River.  Some climbers are heading out to the real granite outcroppings in Pisgah.  Some of the older guys in signed up for hiking are heading out for and all day stroll in Pisgah.  Finally, a small group of guys will head out for a caving trip.  The fun is just beginning here at High Rocks.  I am so excited!

A quick note about pictures.  We try to get as many great pictures each day without going overboard.  You may not see your son everyday.  Many times he is out on a trip.  If you feel like he is not giving enough camera love, write him a note and tell him to get in front of the camera.

Have a great night,


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  1. July 1, 2014 by mj

    Great pictures! Keep them coming! We love seeing them and seeing what a fantastic time Wyatt is having!!
    Mary-Jo Gorton (Wyatt’s mom)