In the Groove

Today’s Pictures

As our first groups of cabin overnights returned from the woods this morning, you could tell it was a good time had by all.  Tired a weary from the early wake-up and most probably the late night of games around the fire, you could literally see the evidence of fun all over them.  I’m not sure the shirts tell the whole story, but the sweet combination of pizza sauce, butter, marshmallow, chocolate, and a touch of campfire ash certainly tell me that it was a large time.  As the rest of the groups made their way back before the wake-up bell, the day here at camp was just beginning.

A warm breakfast of eggs, grits, with a side of fresh fruit and assorted cereals made for a perfect start of the day.  From there we all headed into assembly to get ourselves excited about the day.

Morning assembly is always an exciting beginning to the day.   I am really impressed how much these boys enjoy singing the camp songs.  We typically get the day started with a healthy motion song, and then run through a few fun camp songs.  Assembly wraps up with a few notes about cabin clean-up and activity details.  The boys are out the door by 9:20 to make it their first activity.

We had our first river trip out the door today!  Several of the boys had their first experience on moving water.  There is a perfect little section of the French Broad River right in town that we take the boys down.  A great beginning to what may well be years of trips to come.

All of the activities are in the groove with new skills being learned each day.  Climbing is always one of the most popular activities in camp.  There is something about learning how to climb up.  I feel like it must be some sort of primitive instinct to conquer something.  The boys hit that tower like it is their mission in life.  Today they had two trips out to our natural rock site on the property. It is a great opportunity to climb on real rock.   The ropes course was also busy with Lookout hanging out for the morning, while Holiday reached new heights for the afternoon.

Keep the cards and letters coming.  The boys LOVE to receive mail.  You can send faxes and e-mail as well.  A written letter is fantastic, but email is a lot faster.  Be sure that you do not add attachments to the emails; we do not open or print them.  Remind family members about the package policy to avoid trouble. An additional note about mail.  It is usually best to get all your mail sent by next Tuesday to be sure it makes it to camp in time. You can still email after that.

Tonight’s Evening Programs:

  • “Hill Billy Warriors” (Hillside & Connestee) Hillside is in the gym while Connestee is out for cabin overnights.
  • “Aggressive Squidwards” (Lakeside & Foxhollow) These guys are out for cabin overnights.
  • “Men of the Woods” (Flattop & Chalet) Cabin field excitement.  Capture the flag for sure!
  • “Do It for the Vine” (Windswept & Outpost) These guys are doing games on the soccer field.
  • “The Most Annoying Noise in the World” (Lookout & Pinnacle) This is their “Chill Night” at Sliding Rocks and Dolly’s Ice Cream!
  • “Trains” (Halfway & Holiday) This is their “Chill Night” at Sliding Rocks and Dolly’s Ice Cream!

The fun never ends here at High Rocks!  Have a great night. Enjoy the pictures!


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