A Little Rain Must Fall

Today’s Pictures

I can’t believe I am saying this after last summer’s biblical rainfall, but it was a nice change to have a little rain around camp today.  As you may have noticed, the low pressure set in yesterday afternoon and has been here ever since.  It did not amount to a whole lot of rain, but it was a constant misty event.  It was certainly a welcome event for our four week boys who have been going strong for three weeks straight. It still turned out to be a great day on the mountain.  I enjoyed seeing one group this afternoon taking a break from their normal activities to relax with friends in front of the giant fireplace in the lodge.  A truly enjoyable option for the afternoon.  I felt like I was walking into a ski lodge.

While many chose to kick back just a bit, there were others who trudged on through the weather.  A paddling group took advantage of the rain to run a small class III section of the Little River, right in our back yard of DuPont State Forest. The end of the run includes a nice seven foot vertical drop called Hooker Falls. Nothing beats having 10,000 acres of wilderness bordering your property.  DuPont State Forest is truly a gem.

Our hikers participated in the annual car camping day complete with music, lawn games, and doughnuts! Yep, the staff cooked up some tasty doughnuts as well as a pot of gooey cheese for nachos over the fire .  Not a bad way to spend your Saturday!

Sometimes the beauty of a little adversity breeds some ingenuity.  Our guys at soccer decided to embrace the rain.  They setup a slip and slide with a small practice goal at the end.  The staff would feed the boys a ball on the way down and they would try to slide kick a ball into the net.  It turned out to be a lot of fun!

Tonight we have a square dance with Keystone Camp a fine girls camp on the other side of Brevard.  I am bringing the younger boys down to Keystone, while Zoob hosts the older girls up here.  It is sure to be a very fun event.

There are a number of pictures from last night’s Air Band event as well as today’s events.  Have  great night. We will! Most Definitely!

Don Gentle

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