Mountain Splender

Today’s Pictures

It was a cool 54 degrees here this morning! Holy Cow is this weather amazing!  It’s the perfect reason to have a summer camp in the mountains!  It is rather interesting to see folks in sweatshirts this time of year, but I am not complaining.  The day reached into the mid-seventies and stayed there.  I find it to be perfect athletic weather.  I really enjoy running around or exercising in when it is this cool.  You could tell the boys loved it as well.

It sure has been a busy week.  Our four week session continues to run like a heard of animals; non-stop excitement!  Believe it or not we are already preparing for next summer.  Zoob and I, along with the office crew, are finalizing all registration and application details so that everything is set by August 11th for the summer of 2015!  The new dates and rates are up for 2015 if you need to start planning. Wow is this summer flying!

I moonlight for a couple non-profit boards and I usually have no time during the summer, but our local Boys and Girls Club is updating some database software and really needed my help.  I really enjoy what they do for the community.  It’s an easy choice for me when it comes to kids.  Nonetheless, I have had a few extra tasks on my plate this week to get them on the right track.  I think that may be why I am feeling a little winded.

The big event in camp today was our annual target sports tracking event.  The event changes a little every year, but always takes place on our beautiful Rocky Top Pasture.  The pasture is an amazing 15 acre field speckled with a few trees on a wonderful slope.  Mountain biking uses it regularly for fun downhill activities and training.  Horseback riding enjoys using it for cross country events.  So, this tracking event typically involves lots of crawling around, handheld radios, binoculars, face paint, camo, and stealth.  It screams adolescent boy!  This year they added some training on tracking, stealth, and how to determine range or distance.  All of the boys who were in shooting sports could participate.  It was a ton of excitement! I sure do enjoy having this much property for camp.

Our five-day hike is still out and our Nantahala/Tsali two-day just returned.  There are a number of pictures from the two-day trip and the Little Tennessee River trip from yesterday.  That camera was out the whole time…  We had an overnight on the property head out this afternoon.  They are planning on hiking to a shelter and doing some major cool campfire cooking.  It sure makes it easier when you don’t have to pack a tent and the head counselor drops off your extra cooking gear.

The day is winding down with one group enjoying a rare movie night.  I can hear another age group on the rope swing and water slide.  The late evening sun is setting over the mountains and soon we will be all quiet in our bunks.  Summer camp sure is incredible!

Have a great night!




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