A New Kind of “Cool”

Today’s Pictures

It was another beautiful day at camp! The morning started off with cool temperatures and cloud cover which quickly gave way to sunshine. We enjoyed a breakfast of scrambled eggs, English muffins, along with cereal and fruit and then made our way into morning assembly. It is such a treat to watch the staff that make-up the High Rocks Band pour themselves into the songs each morning. We have been very impressed with our group of Aides, our oldest campers, in their participation up front and center in assembly. This group of guys has proven themselves to be a great help around camp and help set a really positive tone with all the campers. If the older guys think it is cool then the rest of camp buys in. It is so fun to watch campers having fun and being really goofy without fear of being judged. It is cool to be goofy at camp!

After assembly the guys scurried to their first activities of the day. It is not uncommon to see classes with fewer campers these days with all of the trips out of camp. It is a unique opportunity for some of the guys to get more individualized instruction. The rhythm of camp changes during the end of the second week as campers become a bit more tired. There is still plenty of energy for activities but it is also common to see guys just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company.

We had another caving trip to Worley’s Cave in TN. The boys enjoyed the cool cave and exploring in the mud. There is a sense of satisfaction in the complete mud coverage they get while in the cave. Canoeing enjoyed a trip on the French Broad River this afternoon. It was a first experience for some of the guys in moving water. A lot changes once you add some current to the strokes they have been practicing on the lake. Some of our Mountain Bikers enjoyed a ride this afternoon in DuPont State Forest. We had a two day hike return from Caesar’s Head State Park. They enjoyed a great hike, cooking in the woods and sleeping on the ground.

Tonight we had another group of horseback riders that enjoyed a long trail ride before cooking dinner over the campfire. The Cowboy Dinner Ride has become a camper favorite. This evening we have our starter campers enjoying their cabin overnight on the property. They hiked out after before dinner and settled into camp at Lower Rocky Top Shelter. They enjoyed cooking pita pizzas and roasting s’mores over the campfire. I am sure there will be many games played around the campfire before they drift off to sleep. They will hike back into camp in time for breakfast in the morning covered with sticky marshmallow memories.

Many of our counselors report that some of the guys are drifting off to sleep a little bit before the lights out bell in the evening. I think we are packing just enough into the day to insure some great nights of sleep!
I hope you have a great night too!


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  1. July 11, 2014 by Mike

    Great information and you told it beautifully. Thank you for keeping us adults envious of our children:)