Camp Stays Cool in Many Ways!

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At the end of our third week we were treated to a day like we have not had this year, a constant rain with cool temperatures that seemed to vibe exactly with the general mood of the camp crew. Almost to a man, every camper embraced the change in atmosphere in a positive way. Tennis became heated games of ping-pong, soccer was a hectic indoor game in the gym, the riders focused on horsemanship with games, hoof care, and breeds of horses. Mountain bikers unfortunately had to call off a visit to Jackson Park with the features fully saturated but instead learned how to care for common ailments such as flat tires or slipping chains. Potters and crafters were unimpeded and busily focused on finishing projects in the woodworking shop or got pieces ready to fire in the kiln. Hikers seemed the least affected by the precipitation and made loops on camp trails with a particular eye out for all the critters that love to emerge on just such a cool and cloudy day.

Water activities were mostly unphased by the rain with a total absence of lightning/thunder. Swimmers did just that and had takers at free time even though the temps stayed in the 60’s. Sailors and paddleboarders both were out on the lake with canoers weaving their way around the endurance course at just a slightly quicker tempo of paddle stroke to ward off the chill. A group of canoers also tackled the Chattooga River for a warmer day along the border of Georgia and South Carolina. They came back an exhausted but happy group of boaters with a sense of accomplishment having successfully negotiated the often tricky rapids of Section 3.

The cooler weather and weeks of accumulated exercise meant the dining hall was under assault all day long. From home-made biscuits with ham and gravy this morning to a gorging of tacos at lunch followed by a destruction of multiple pans of lasagna, these guys can eat! I think we could have meals separated by only an hour or so and no one would think it too soon. Snacks of fresh apples and peaches were nibbled on all day long and the evening finished with frozen fruit ices that made for a mini-Chill night event with the weather factored in.

Tonight also saw this session’s Rhythm and Blues variety show hosted by Jake and Elwood Blues (played by our own Will and Dave Johnson). The show took the form of cabin groups performing various air band acts to chosen songs replete with a lighted stage, loud music, and ridiculous costumes. With the crowd rocking and singing along, it was quite the success and had everyone howling with laughter while attempting to keep a steady beat. Just another example of how cool it is at camp to let go of societal pressures on behavior and let the inner camper shine.

This weekend looks to remain a little rainy for the first half at least and I think the guys may actually welcome it. The campers could use a bit more of a break after a long, hard week and a relaxing Saturday may be just what the doctor ordered to set the stage for the culminating week of their experience at High Rocks.

Tune in tomorrow for more pictures and stories and enjoy the shots from today!


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