They Are Hooked!

Today’s Pictures

It’s pretty amazing what just two weeks of camp can do for a young boy.  These boys were excited from the moment they arrived.  Many of them were pretty nervous too.  They first learned that everyone else was pretty cool and might even be fun to hang out with for a bit.  The first day of activities came next with these boys trying all sorts of new adventures. Again, they were pretty excited and a little nervous, but the fun definitely outweighed the fear.

As the days went by the boys learned that they were in charge of their destiny, guided by a caring staff that couldn’t be cooler in the eyes of the camper.  These staff were able to get these boys to try all sorts of new games, activities, chores, and even vegetables.

The nervous excitement moved to laser focus (well…maybe a slightly blurred focus that was at least moving in one direction).  They wanted to get to the top of that wall, on their first river trip, to the top of the hill on their bike, sometimes they just wanted to get to their activity on time.  All of it showed determination and focus.  They don’t even realize it, but this same determination and focus that they have for learning these fun activities will later serve them well back at school.  It will make them better readers and help them hold on to the math they haven’t thought about since May…without even cracking a book.  Right now, they don’t even care about that…

We have laughed and even cried a little.  We have had fun and been frustrated.  We have played hard and even had a moment of pause from time to time when things didn’t pan out as planned. We have been so dirty our own mothers would turn us away. We made new friends that we will not see again for 50 weeks.  When we meet them again it might take us three minutes and it will feel like we have been together the whole time.  It has been one heck of a ride!

Tomorrow your boys will be very excited to see you, yet they may not want to leave.  Give them a hug, they will grab you by the hand.  Just let them show you the way.  Ask some questions, but mostly just listen.  Listen for the confidence, the joy, the pride, and all the fun. It was a great two weeks in these mountains.

Until next year…


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  1. August 10, 2014 by Davec

    I watched my Grandson Mitch through your blogs and photos. It was great fun for him and me. My camp days were over 60 years ago. You brought back those distant memories. Grandpa