Mustache Monday

Today’s Pictures

I always enjoy trying to get to know as many of the guys as I can in this short session. It can be a real challenge with so many new guys and such a short time.  Sometimes I may just catch up with them at a meal, other times I”ll step into a cabin just catch up with a few of the guys about the day. It sure is a great group of guys.  I enjoy watching these boys settle in to camp and really come to enjoy it.

Today I caught up with a few guys at lunch. They were so excited to tell me about their day!  Sometimes their exciting part of the day is not something I could even imagine.  I found myself talking about all the dogs in camp.  The guys wanted to know their names, who owns them, where they sleep at night, who feeds them, all sorts of randomness.  What I have come to find out is that I should probably be paying the dogs.  It’s no mistake they are here, but sometimes I am amazed at how much they add to camp life.  The dogs always seem to know when someone needs a little time.  The boys enjoy petting them as much and the dogs enjoy receiving it.  I love it when the boys go out of their way to introduce their parents to the dogs on closing day. Anyhow, just a little window into my day.

Today the campers were off and running with their activities.  In addition to the regular activities we had trips out in Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, and Hiking.  The Mountain Bikers went to Dupont State Forest this afternoon to enjoy some trail riding.  They left after lunch and returned right before dinner having worked up a good appetite.  Some of the climbers spent the afternoon up at the Cathedral Rocks a short hike from main camp where they got to experience climbs on real rock.  Several of our canoers got to practice their skills on the French Broad River this morning.  It was their first chance to learn about moving water and how the boat responds differently than on the lake.  Our hikers took off to DuPont to see some of the amazing waterfalls.

I almost forgot.  You may see some ‘staches out their.  Today is Mustache Monday!  Not everyone wanted to go for it, but you’ll definitely see some guys sporting a good look.

Everyone has the same activity tonight. It’s movie night!  We pack everyone in the gym, have popcorn & watch a movie on the big screen (a white sheet). The movie title is always a closely guarded secret until the opening credits.

Our first two day backpacking trip heads out tomorrow.  Part of having 1100 acres of green space, is that you don’t need to jump in a van to go for a trip.  These boys will load up in the morning and hike around the property checking out some of the cool salamanders, rocky balds, and sweet waterfalls.  They get to spend the night in one of our five open air shelter.  The stories will be great!

Have a great night!


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