Happy Fall, Y’all

I know I’ve missed the “official” start to fall by about a week, but to me autumn doesn’t begin in earnest until October first.  I fancy Labor Day the end of summer and fall’s commencement today.  Everything in between is a delightful blur that bridges two seasons rich in character without truly being a part of either, so let’s talk September!

Here, we aren’t afforded the chance to catch our breath after the two-week session ends mid-August; our LEAP Experiential Education programs ramp up immediately following summer camp.  We host school groups from 6th through 12th grade for a week at a time while they work through group initiatives, challenges, trips and topics like our high and low ropes courses, stream ecology, orienteering, rock climbing, canoeing, and even backpacking!  Some of our summer staff stick around to help out, but we also have a fantastic group of local LEAPsters who save spots in their schedules to work with us this time of year.

LEAP Climbing

While LEAP is going on, September also brings waves of camper applications for next summer.  To compliment our registration drive,  Zoob carefully arranges a travel schedule with representative families across the country so that we may enjoy both visits with current campers and introductions to prospective families.  Don has already been to Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Nashville; he reports good times, great folks, and overwhelming excitement for High Rocks at all locations!  Find information on the rest of our upcoming High Rocks tour here.

September isn’t all business at Camp, though.  While we don’t set the tune to Summer’s rhythm anymore, afternoons still stretch out warm and languid like a dog napping in the sun. We’re graced the chance to steal solo bike rides after work, and to hurl tennis balls for eager retrievers until sunset’s last brushstrokes drip from the sky.  Playing in the water still feels good; September is my last chance to paddle without the cumbersome swaddling of specialized clothing protecting me from fall’s sharp edge and winter’s savage bite.  Soon I’ll have to abandon my “sun’s-out-guns-out” policy no matter how abundant the sunshine.

Now, Camp’s maples and sourwoods are ringed in fiery halos of color.  The sun sets sooner and the wind blows cooler.  September, for all it was, is gone.  Anyway, fall is a feast of a season and I’m glad it’s arrived.   So here’s to pumpkins and parties, to leaves bright and crunchy underfoot, to bluebird days and starry nights.  I hope your adventures in work, school, and life are treating you well; I further hope you stay in touch with us in the coming months!  Until then, happy fall, y’all!


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