And Away We Go!

Today’s Pictures

Ahhh, the first full day of camp means the first morning we all wake up here. What a morning, too. The weather began perfectly, with a golden sunrise early followed by bright blue skies with nary a cloud, a nice breeze and the temperature around 64. There were more than a few hoods up as we waited outside the Dining Hall for our cinnamon toast, link sausage, baked apples, camp-made granola, Froot Loops and, as always, fresh fruit as well. Some of the guys talked about how bright the moon was last night—and it was bright, though the full moon isn’t until Thursday—while other guys focused on how dark it is here, with no streetlights, floodlights or indeed any outside lights.

First day also means that everybody is in camp together, so the singing in Assembly is especially raucous, with returners booming out familiar songs and new campers quickly learning the words to songs that will soon become their favorites.

In fact, camp offers a host of new sensations for campers, from darkness and quiet at night (the katydids don’t start their annual evening chorus for a few more weeks) to very busy days with action everywhere to loads of their favorite foods. It is so gratifying to see (and hear!) 159 young people thoroughly enjoying themselves in so many different ways.

Every activity was bursting with energy and terrific enthusiasm: canoes were in the lake, overturning for the Basic Lake Tests; sailboats getting rigged; tennis balls flying by the dozens in every direction; mountain bikes circling on the activity field; bows and rifles limbering up at the range; harnesses materializing and knots perfected at the climbing wall; clay turning into mugs and string into bracelets in the Craft and Pottery shops; horses and guys getting acquainted (or reacquainted); while the afternoon also saw swimming classes enjoying the water, though the temperature stayed mild, and fisherman learning their all-important knots.

The oldest cabin groups went on their cabin overnights tonight while everyone else got into the swing of dodge ball, three-way soccer, ultimate Frisbee and other “regular” evening activities. Since many of the guys woke up pretty early this morning in anticipation, the lights out bell at 9:30 will find many of them already in their beds, snuggling in for a well-deserved rest.

Good night,


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