Beating the Heat

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I know you’re probably laughing that we are worried about heat in the mountains at 3000 feet, but is was 85 degrees today (you’re laughing again)!  While it was a little warm, it sure was a fantastic day in the mountains!  Great sun all day long with a little breeze.  The warm weather did add some fun down at the lake for free time and choice period.

Our first three-day hike of the season headed out to to Panthertown in the Nantahala National Forest today.  It is one of my favorite places to hike in the area.  Panthertown sits just north east of Cashiers, NC.  It has some incredible streams, waterfalls, and rock outcroppings.  For such a small place it really has a lot to offer. We also had a group of guys head out to Dupont for a mountain bike trip this morning.

Today was mini corn dog day!  Many parents find that less than exciting.  And while I do like a mini corn dog or two, I can’t say I have ever craved them. The funny thing about it at camp is that mini corn dogs have this strange cult following.  The boys go crazy over them!  We like to think that we take time with our food and create some incredible options for the boys. I wouldn’t call mini corn dogs one of those delicacies.  Over my years at camp I have seen the mini corn dog rise to almost movie star status in the High Rocks culture.  For the last several year’s we have omitted listing them on the calendar because campers were skipping their out-of-camp trips!  “I can’t go on the Nantahala River tomorrow, it’s mini corn dog day.”  What?  Anyhow, today was the infamous mini corn dog day and, of course, it was a hit!

This afternoon many of the tennis and soccer players headed over to Camp Illahee this afternoon for some mixed matches with some great girls!  Laurie and Gordon run a great program over there.  For many years I have joked with Gordon that at Illahee they catch the leaves before they hit the ground.  They definitely take their grounds seriously.  It’s beautiful!  Our girls will be heading over there once again later this summer.

For evening program some of the age groups took advantage of the lake.  One group was on the soccer field and another over in the Gaga Pit. Tonight was also the kick-off for our evening “Chill Night” program.  Each of the age groups will have the opportunity to head down to Sliding Rock in Pisgah National Forest.  This natural water slide is a big hit with the boys even if the water is a cool 65 degrees.  After the chilly plunge into the mountain stream we head up to the world famous Dolly’s Ice Cream Bar to suck out any remaining heat that is still in their bodies.  Now that is what I call beating the heat!

Don’t be jealous… It’s just a typical day at High Rocks.

Don Gentle

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  1. June 16, 2015 by Mike

    My wife and I love reading your commentary!

    Thank you