Boys Will Be Boys

Today’s Pictures

Life at camp started pretty early this morning.  A group of climbers were heading out for a two-day adventure at about 7am today. As I made my way to the dining hall for our daily “meeting of the minds” there was a flurry of excitement.  Several trips were getting a jump on the day to head out and get to it.  I love that summer offers us such long days.

Our two-day climb took off to Virginia to hit some sport climbing for a couple days.  Chris had already checked in tonight to say that the first day was fantastic and the boys were beat. They had some late snacks so they could climb with every bit of daylight they had. They had just started making dinner when he called.   I don’t usually talk a lot about technology, but I will say I enjoy being able to hear from a trip that is out for a few days.  It may be the parent in me, but I like to hear the happy call at the end of a great day. They will have another full day tomorrow before returning home just before lights out.

Some of our youngest guys took off for some “indoor hiking” today.  Many of these guys were first-time cavers that took off for Worely’s Cave early this morning.  It sure is fun to hear the stories from these muddy trips. Worley’s is a great experience for the boys to put on awesome coveralls, helmets, and headlamps while the walk and crawl through various parts of this beginners caving experience.

Our first trip to the Chattooga River also happened today! They had a great time heading down this beautiful river in canoes.  We will hit this river a few more times this summer.

Our evening program varied by age group once again.  The youngest two age groups headed out for “chill night.” The remaining boys cooled off on the lake with the water slide and rope swing, played some dodgeball in the gym, or some group games on the field.  We wrapped up the day with a little snack on the lawn as the sun started to move behind the trees.

As they headed back to their cabin, I enjoyed hearing the different conversations. Some were meaningful, others were just the plain old “joke and poke” as many boys do when they move from place to place in a group. Surprisingly, I find that to be my barometer on how they are doing. That simple gesture of pointless jokes, laughter, and sparing; it typically means they are doing well.  They’re a funny bunch.



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