Dance with Keystone

Today’s Pictures

Saturday’s are always for me!  I took my usual path to the kitchen this morning to work side by side with that fantastic group up there.  I flipped another 500+ cakes on the griddle. It was a great start to my day!

Soon the boys took off into the bright sunny morning. It was another warm day, but the mountain breeze was beautiful! There was a slight spin on several activities today, many adding some sort of theme or game for the day.  All in all it was a lot of fun!  The lake was, of course, the primary play spot of the day.  Even the fisherman came over for an afternoon rope swing event after trying their best to get some fish to bite in this heat.

The big event of the day, was the dance with the ladies of Keystone. I typically find these events a little like Cotillion class.  A way for our boys to demonstrate some manners and etiquette to our neighbors across town.  I am actually quite surprised how well the boys actually perform!  In all of its lovely awkwardness, the event played out very well.  The boys mostly acted like gentlemen and the girls were mostly like ladies.   It was a great time and the weather was perfect! We enjoyed some fresh baked cookies and lemonade on the lawn while several of the boys introduced Zoob and myself to their sisters who were attending the dance.

Page Lemel and all the women at Keystone Camp run a great program. She runs a pretty tight ship over there. If you know Page, then you probably know what I am talking about.  She has a strong moral character and doesn’t mind setting you straight if your compass needs a little adjustment.  I have enjoyed having her as a friend and colleague in the world of summer camp.  Several years back, I was fortunate enough to be “voluntold” to sit on the founding board of our state camp association, which was created by her and a few other close friends of ours.  The North Carolina Youth Camp Association has been a great group for the the summer camps in our state to organize and work together.  Page was a key player in making that happen.

I can hear the lights out belling ringing in the distance. So goes another fantastic day at Camp High Rocks! We are all looking forward to a little extra sleep and a slow unfolding of the day, tomorrow.  Sundays at camp are pretty special.  I hope yours is as well.



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