Picking up Speed

Today’s Pictures

What a day this was as we wrapped up the “work week” here at High Rocks. Campers have spent some significant time already building skills in their activities and the tripping portion of the day was certainly evidence of that.

Our mountain bikers headed out for the first ride of the summer with a morning jaunt through Dupont State Forest, covering many miles and leaving the guys feeling good about their first glimpse of trails off-camp. The boaters shot over to the Green River for some technical whitewater skills and some serious heat down in the Gorge! Climbers were mostly pumped about their assault on Looking Glass. Everyone got chances to climb before some localized afternoon rains encouraged them back down the trail. Those campers who had never seen that rock before were blown away by the views, the size, and the sheer number of possible routes.

The hikers departed on one of the more ambitious day hikes in my recent memory. A crew of serious movers headed to the Mountain Bridge Wilderness to tackle ten miles of rugged trail heading into some pretty remote areas, enjoying some views down the southern escarpment, and crushing a lot of food along the way. To say they were ready for the lights out bell this evening would be a complete understatement…. And to expect them at the first bell for breakfast would be foolhardy!

The day in camp was beautiful with a light breeze keeping an otherwise warm day quite comfortable. Activities were abuzz and campers devoted their free moments to planning skits for tonight’s entertainment. With a medieval theme and costumery, the campers sought to amuse the Lord and Lady with their antics. This will also set the stage for Sunday’s all-camp event, but more on that in a couple of days.

I hope you enjoy the pictures tonight, thank you for your patience in my posting, and we will see you back here tomorrow!

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