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These mornings have been wonderful with really bright blue skies and a fresh chill in the air that calls for long sleeves, but promises some midday summer heat. A breakfast of homemade granola, sausage biscuits with gravy, grits, fruit, yogurt, and piles of blueberries greeted camp in the dining hall as guys were getting set for a day of activities or packing up for trips out of camp.

Canoers might have been the first down the road as they headed off for the Tuckaseegee River to worked a solid stretch of class 2+ whitewater. It was a popular choice around the area and they got to visit with other camp groups leap frogging down the river which is always exciting for the guys. They were happily worn out on arrival back at camp and fell gratefully in a dinner of Chinese food and ice cream sundays.

The hikers went straight to the top of Pisgah for a day long trip in the Shining Rock wilderness. Most of the trails break above the tree line allowing for some beautiful views of peaks and valleys. It is one of the best places to see why this area is called the Blue Ridge mountains. The climbing 2 day returned after another full day of routes in Virginia and celebrated two great days of climbing with a dinner out of camp.

Our mountain bikers shot over to Dupont for a full morning of riding. The boys were in for a treat when Don Gentle got to tag along as a photographer/videographer. As one camper put it at lunch, “Don never stopped talking, even on the uphills!” I think everyone enjoyed the enthusiasm of that particular guest instructor and it sounds like they got some great shots of the boys in action on the trail.

Activities in camp had an expected rhythm with a delightful burst of cool temps after a midday shower. Tennis was in for a treat with a full afternoon tennis clinic with Coach Mighty, horseback riding worked the ring and trail, and woodworking did some serious nailing, sanding, and staining on a myriad of projects. Camp is running like clockwork now with the campers easily navigating the grounds, showing me some sneaky shortcuts to cut off thirty seconds of walking time, and swinging through for a snack of fresh peaches during transition. It is hard to believe we have but one more week remaining, though these guys sure are behaving like seasoned veterans.

Tonight is wrapping up with a departure from the normal evening activities involving high exertion. The stage has been set up in the gym and Air Band Night is in full swing as I type this. Cabin groups have selected songs and put together choreography to accompany what is basically a highly energetic lip syncing event. The performances are being captured now as well, so pictures are sure to be hilarious, but may make it to you guys tomorrow. Keep an eye out for those and enjoy a good laugh!

See you back here tomorrow evening for a fun-filled day ending with a square dance with Keystone Camp. Have a good night!



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  1. June 19, 2015 by Lisa

    Woody—your posts are wonderful! I can see, feel, and even smell all the wonderful experiences the boys are absolutely enjoying. Thanks for this gift!!