Saturdays Are Awesome!

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My day started early this morning while I walked in the footsteps of my predecessors of previous High Rocks directors.  You see making pancakes on Saturday mornings has been a time honored treat at High Rocks since our inception. So I made my early journey to the dining hall to get started on my duty. It was a great time to bond with the kitchen crew and remind me how hard they work serving up the food everyday.  Maybe that is why Sumner Williams started this tradition?  We served up hundreds of hot cakes to the guys.  It took me a little to get my rhythm back, but soon I was on the ball and by 7:45 I had four hundred cakes ready to eat!

It sure is great having everyone back in camp on Saturdays.  Most weekdays are so filled with trips that many days only have about two-thirds of the campers on the property.  It is especially fun during assembly. I enjoy the excitement of the boys all singing and having a great time during our typical motion songs.

It was another beautiful day at High Rocks! Sunny and warm, but not too hot, with a nice breeze throughout the day.  All of the activities were in full swing. The sailors are finally figuring out what it means to be “in irons” and how to get out it and back to moving the boat. As a sailor myself, I find it frustrating to see these boys with their sails flapping in the wind with no where to go.  It is always a treat to see the light bulb go on as they figure out what is happening.

Our lunch today was Debbie’s homemade pizza!  It is some of the best pizza I have ever had!  Thick dough, a good bit of sauce and a ton of cheese make it a dream come true!  One piece will send you off to rest hour ready for dreams.

After rest hour the paddlers enjoyed some fun games in the lake that will help them with their swimming skills on the river, while the swimming classes finished up their endurance course and took some turns off the water slide and rope swing. The barn continued their games on horseback.  As we rolled into choice period it was mandatory “beautification hour.”  A time to shower early, put on a reasonable shirt, and prepare for guests.  After that, we had dinner on the lawn with cold cuts and salad and our one soda of the week.

As if that wasn’t enough, the ladies of Rockbrook Camp stopped by tonight for a square dance.   Jeff and Sarah Carter do such a great job over there.   We also enjoy having them as friends during the winter. You see every camp director has “winter friends” and having other camp directors as friends makes it even easier. Who has time for friends in the summer when you’re running a camp?  What a treat to have your friends bring their group of campers over for a dance!  The boys had a great time! It was a perfect end to the week!

Looking forward to Sunday!

Good Night,


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