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The Mountain Air

It sure was a beautiful and cool mountain morning!  The sixty-five degree temperature compounded with a nice breeze added a nice chill to the morning air.  I loved it!  I also enjoyed some of the youngest boys wandering in from … »

Enjoy the Process

The best part of my day started in assembly this morning.  I need to get up front from time to time just to remember why I love it so much.  What if we all got up each morning and shared … »

Making the Adventure

It sure was fun to see these boys head out to begin their own journey today.  After a couple of days of activity introduction the boys were off to blaze their own trail today. They have picked the destiny that … »

And It Is Just The Second Day

It was a beautiful sunrise in the mountains this morning.  It seems like most of the valley was fogged, but life at 3000 feet has its advantages; we get to see the sun sooner :)…  I headed up to our … »

A Fantastic Opening Day

It sure was a grand opening day!  Thanks to our incredible staff, the whole operation seemed to move flawlessly. I sure hope it was an enjoyable experience for you all. There was a healthy nervous excitement in the air, which … »

Color War and Final Campfire

Today’s Pictures What a fabulous July Session it has been!  We took it all the way to the end with color war today!  The boys were still going strong! It was a fantastic campfire with over 25 boys receiving their … »

Cabin Night and Upper Senior Dinner

Today’s Pictures We sure did enjoy the perfect mountain air today.  Warm enough to have fun on the lake, cool enough to be active.  And a little cool breeze all day long.  Highs in the upper seventies!  Fantastic! As everyone … »

Way more than “Wee Haa”

Today’s Pictures I enjoyed the wake-up bell probably most of all this morning.  I met a small group of boys that were heading out on the Tuckaseegee River. They were super excited to be involved in the morning wake-up process. … »

Learning to Decide

Today’s Pictures The welcome showers of the last few days have brought cooler temperatures to camp, especially at night, and this morning’s sunrise was also clearer and softer as a result: the perfect opening frame for another wonderful day of being outside … »

Mountain Living!

Today’s Pictures What a fantastic Monday at camp!  It started pretty early for some of the climbers.  They were on the road by 7:00am for a three-day climbing adventure. Before breakfast, there was also another caving trip heading out the … »