Today’s Pictures

Finally, Sunday… It was a good day to think about the incredible week we just had, and rest up for the busy week ahead. We enjoyed doughnuts delivered by the Krispy Kreme fairy last night, a wake-up assembly, and then a short service down by the lake.  Our morning wrapped up with numerous choice options around camp. Many enjoyed taking in a few counselor-camper tennis matches that kicked off the annual camper-counselor tournament.

This afternoon we stayed with the independence them of the weekend.  The theme was “The Red Coats are Coming!”  The campers moved through a series of  eight games and challenges that included “artillery practice,” where the buys tried to knock down King George’s castle with water balloon launchers;” the gentleman’s duel,” where the boys jousted on paddle boards; and “red coat bowling,” where the campers slid down the slip and slide to knock down red coats.  It was a fun experience that lasted though a series of light rain showers, but did not shake the boys from attention of games. My personal favorite was the muddy gaga pit, which hosted the site of the “commoner’s revolt.”

Our weekly laundry that we sent out this morning returned just in time for afternoon shower time so that the boys could be clean and fresh for dinner.  The light rain parted for just enough time in order to have a wonderful cookout on the lawn and campfire up the hill.  It was a fantastic day at camp.

We have a load of trips heading out tomorrow including our first three-day hike of the session.  Stay tuned and be sure to connect with us on social media. We have put up a couple of videos here and there as well as several pictures during the day.  WE try not to duplicate across platforms other than Twitter, so make sure you like our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram.

Have a great night,



  1. July 5, 2015 by Don Gentle

    You are correct. Some of the pictures are from yesterday’s evening program. That tends to occur often.

  2. July 5, 2015 by Lola

    Love all the pictures!!! Wait all day for them!! Aren’t some from the day before? Only way I can tell is by the clothes they are wearing! Many thanks for taking time to send us happenings of the day!! A doting grandmother!!