Today’s Pictures

I sure have seen a lot out of these boys in just a week and a half. Those Mini I boys have been on a wonderful ride lately.  I really enjoy seeing them head out on trips, build skills, and  even make it to all of their activities…mostly on time :). As a parent I have to stop myself every time I want to help my daughters do something, especially if I know they can do it themselves.  The beauty of camp at a place like High Rocks is that these boys ARE doing a lot for themselves.  Sure it is a nurturing environment, but we provide purposeful opportunities for these guys to work it out on their own. Sometimes I don’t even think it is fair for parents to compete with what can happen at camp because these counselors are the coolest thing in the world to these kids.  This little factor along with the “fun” factor of camp creates a perfect environment for growth, self-reliance, and a little grit. The “grit” is the ability to work out the day to day events of life that happen.  It could be getting to your activities on time, or it could be deciding what trip to go on.  Sometimes it could be working through a disagreement in the cabin.  I really enjoy seeing the growth.  The skills they have been learning in their activities has also impressed me. They are really working hard! In the morning it looks like they can barely stand, but they aren’t going to miss that next trip…

What a fantastic day we had today!  Our three-day to Middle Prong Wilderness hiking trip just returned while another two-day headed out to Shining Rock.  There was a great canoeing trip on the Tuckaseegee River and a beautiful 300 foot climb at Pilot Rock. We also had a caving trip out.

In camp the boys had a blast on the waterfront.  The first group of boys finished up their woodworking projects.  The next group will head over to the shop tomorrow while the first group puts a finish on theirs in crafts.  The targets at archery keep moving further back as the boys have really picked up their ranks.  the climbing at the just keeps moving higher, faster, and harder. Many of the horseback riders are gettign out on the property for some great trail rides.

I can’t believe the Mini I guys only have two more days of camp! A small group of Mini I hikers are heading over to Panthertown tomorrow.  it is going to be a super trip!  A reminder to Mini I parents.  Try to arrive between 9-9:30.  We will do a quick tour beginning just after 9:30, head down to crafts and pottery to pick up items, and then finish with some snacks in the lodge. We can’t wait to see you on Saturday morning!

Sorry I am late, I had too much fun with the guys tonight during evening program at the rope swing and water slide.  I brought down a couple of GoPro cameras.  They had a blast with the chest mount on the rope swing, while they just held the other camera on the waterslide.  I’ll put a couple up tomorrow on Facebook and Instagram.

Have a great night,


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