Living the Dream

Today’s Pictures

It was another great day at Camp High Rocks!  The weather has been amazing and allowed for adventure after adventure.  This morning the paddlers were up bright and early to enjoy a day on the Nantahala River.  The boys were on the road well before the rest of camp began to come to consciousness.  Many of the guys packed a pillow in the van for some extra rest on the way.  The counselors armed themselves with delicious High Rocks Blend coffee.

The caving group and climbers also enjoyed an early start to the day to ensure plenty of time to explore.  The cavers headed to Woorley’s Cave in Tennessee where they go to explore a wonderful cave and crawl through the cool mud on a rather hot day.  It was a wonderful place for an adventure today!  The climbers headed to Cedar Rock and everyone got to climb several routes.  Many of our young mountain bikers headed to DuPont State Forest to ride this afternoon.  We had a two day hiking trip head out to Panthertown.  We also had a two day hike that returned from the Middle Prong Wilderness area.  It was a day full of campers exploring our natural resources in Western North Carolina!

This evening the mini session campers had some fun in the mud pit after hiking around the lake looking for a Yeti Egg.  The Yeti Egg is often thought to resemble a watermelon but the staff assure the campers there are differences.  The Yeti Egg Hunt has been a part of the High Rocks Lore for many years.  The campers enjoyed eating the contents of the yeti egg before covering themselves completely in mud.  Danny Stewart our facilities manager takes great pride in the beautiful mud we are able to produce for the boys.  It is always a blast to see them at first not so sure about getting in the mud and after the first counselor fully commits the rest of the guys dive in.  It certainly is an activity where a boy can be a boy!

This afternoon while I was taking a family around for a tour of High Rocks I was struck by how polite and friendly our campers are here.  The family was so impressed with the way the campers handled themselves and wanted to share stories and talk about all the cool things they have done at camp so far.  I will say it made my job easy and also made me incredibly thankful for the quality of boys we have here at High Rocks.

We sure are having fun with them!


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