A Change in the Air

Today’s Pictures

We woke up this morning to find cloudy skies, the wind blowing from the north, temperatures that didn’t rise out of the mid-60’s all morning and the promise of rain. However, as you can see from many of the pictures today, it never rained hard enough to curtail activities or dampen spirits. In fact, all over camp, both campers and counselors welcomed the change enthusiastically.

Paddlers left camp earliest, heading to the Nantahala River for the annual Camp Cup. Advanced canoers and kayakers from multiple area camps spend a day of friendly competition in various categories. This has been going on for years now, and, when our tired guys have had a chance to sleep, we’ll hear animated stories about the big water and the bigger successes.

The rain paused by lunchtime, which meant that the swimmers got in a great trip in over to Hooker Falls, with plenty of sunshine and an almost private river. Later in the afternoon, the overnight climbing trip to Virginia returned. As they piled out of the van, another group of tired guys with huge smiles just had to talk about climbing more than they ever had before.

After an early supper, another group went to Sliding Rock and Dolly’s for their Chill Night. It’s always fun to learn which of the dozens of flavors was the group’s favorite “warm-up” after sliding in that cold water!

It was wonderful to notice that the campers who arrived just yesterday are already an integral part of camp, in instructional activities, free times and all around camp. We’re proud of the older guys for doing such a good job of welcoming them, and we’re also proud of how easily these newer guys have fit in.

As we all go to sleep tonight, I don’t want you to be too envious that the katydids here have started warming up their summer chorus or that bullfrogs, owls, and rustling leaves join their serenade.

Good night.


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