Color War and Final Campfire

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What a fabulous July Session it has been!  We took it all the way to the end with color war today!  The boys were still going strong!

It was a fantastic campfire with over 25 boys receiving their five-year backpack.  Mini II parents, I hope you are ready for another four years of excitement.  Those boys were pretty interested in that backpack. We had three previous campers who are now staff and another five staff receive their 10-year Fritz Orr paddle.  This isn’t just some machine-made paddle out of pine.  Each paddle is hand made by Fritz Orr himself.  Many of the inlays include rosewood, walnut, maple, and other fine hardwoods that Fritz re-purposes for these paddles. It sure is great to see these staff come back year after year.  Ten years is quite a lot of time in one place. Only one of those staff members are working with us full time.  The rest have come back summer after summer for the love of the place we call High Rocks.

You know I say it a lot that we have an incredible community here.  Well, yesterday I was fortunate enough to be able to show a new family around High Rocks that was thinking about sending their boy to camp.  I always feel like the best time to see camp is when all the boys are here.  Anyhow, I usually try to catch a few guys  while we are waling around to see what they have to say about camp.  I typically ask them what is their favorite part about High Rocks.  This group of boys was great.  One guy said “Everything!” Another said”Climbing!”  The last boy thought for a moment and said, “the community!”  I looked at mom and she she looked a little surprised as well.  After a little moment he went on to say how great everyone is and how everyone is helpful and works together.  I could not have said it better myself.  It was great to hear a ten year old boy come up with something like that.  I hope to see him as a staff member one day.

Here’s to another wonderful session and a great July!  When you meet up with your son tomorrow, I can’t guarantee he will have a clean shirt or even have all the paint from color war washed off.  What I can tell you is that has had a great time, he tired, and while he may be excited to see you, he is also thinking about how long it will be until he comes back to the friends he has here. Thank you for sharing your son(s) with us!  You Rock!

Sorry the blog is late.  Campfire went way late tonight.  Travel safe.  We look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow.

Don Gentle and Zoob Gentle

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  1. July 25, 2015 by Thelma

    Thanks to You andTeam. It was great these 4weeks watching the young kids interact with each other and all the activities the other doting grandmother