End of a Great Week

Today’s Pictures

It is the end of a great first week with the Mini II guys!  We are capping off the week with a square dance tonight.  The girls from Keystone will join us here for a fun evening of bluegrass music, dancing, and cookies.  The youngest boys are most excited about the cookies, but everyone still has a great time.

Our four week boys are ripping it up in activities, with many heading out on some pretty advanced trips next week.  I enjoy seeing the skill building that has happened over the past few weeks.  The counselors are still able to make it fun and exciting.  The boys just keep trying harder. I was impressed to see how many guys are shooting at 40 yards in archery.  I was also impressed to see how fast some of these guys can climb the tower.  Our climbing staff have set small distance challenges and named them after renowned climbs.  For example, a camper can earn Half Dome by climbing 2000′ .  That is over 40 laps up the tower!

You will see a picture from our five-day hiking group that returned last night. It is only a small group of boys that typically want to leave camp for that long.  You will see them on the feature photo. Quite a burly group! They spent the week at Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest.  It is one of the only old growth forests in the area.  It was a great trip!

There are some great photos from last night’s air band event.  These boys had a great time creating themes from a group of pre-selected songs.  I was highly impressed with the creativity.

We finally saw a touch of much needed rain late this afternoon.  I’m not complaining that it hasn’t rained.  I am just surprised by the dryness.

As we turn the corner into the last week of camp, many boys still have some goals to reach.  I am looking forward to helping them reach those goals.  It is going to be a fantastic week.  Tomorrow we rest for a bit, but Monday we are back at it!

Have a great night…we sure did!



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