Enjoy the Process

The best part of my day started in assembly this morning.  I need to get up front from time to time just to remember why I love it so much.  What if we all got up each morning and shared a wonderful breakfast with eggs, grits, toast, fresh fruit, and assorted cereals. Follow that with you and your family heading into the family room to do some motion songs, get goofy, and go crazy. THEN you head off to work or school.  Wouldn’t that be a great start to everyday? It sure is here at camp.  Assembly allows us to loosen up, let go, and be happy!  Nobody is cool in assembly.  Maybe that is why it’s so awesome. We jump around, we laugh, and we get excited about all that surrounds us.  Anyhow, I enjoyed my time in the front this morning…almost as much as the campers.

So let’s talk about the letters coming home.  Hopefully, you will be receiving some mail from your son soon.  The mail from the first few days of camp should be heading home in the next day or so.  I hope it is full of feelings, excitement, and joy.  It may also contain some feelings of sadness and homesickness.  I want to put this right out front.  It is normal for these feelings to come out.  Remember, camp is a big adjustment.  That’s what makes it special.  We can’t just be focused on the end result, we have to love the process too. There is a lot of “new” to camp.  They don’t have their electronics, their friends from home, AND we ask them to take some very important quiet time each day so that they can process their experience a bit. It’s quieter, darker, and their is a symphony of katydids every night.  Some of this adjustment and change may make us nervous and uncomfortable at first.  They miss home because it’s a home worth missing. The best part is that these feelings have probably already passed. It was days ago.  It may be hard to believe, but you need to save these letters.  I cherish these same letters from my daughters at camp who are now on their second and third year of camp. Girls might be a little better at explaining what they are feeling, so I may have the advantage.  In reality it is the same thing.  Also important to note is that if we feel like the homesickness is interfering with your son’s camp experience then we will get in touch with you for some ideas and advice.  Most importantly, as parents we need to encourage our children, believe in their experience, and let them know they are loved.  That’s easy to say from my side.  I have years of experience.  So, if you need help, just let us know.  We want parents and children to have a great experience.  If calling us or dropping us a line to check in will help, then do it.  We will let you know how the little guy is doing.  Remember, thousands of children have come here…most all come back year after year!

Speaking of excellent camp experiences.  Let’s talk about horseback riding!  If you have not seen our equestrian center, then you NEED to make a point of visiting it on closing day.  My guess is that your son will drag you down their anyway.  It could be one of the best programs we do here at camp.  Any child that wants to ride gets to do it.  No one ever gets “closed” out of an activity here at High Rocks. Not only that, they get to ride most every day.  There is something to be said about children and horses.  Even for boys, most all of the youngest half of camp sign up for riding.  Even most of the older kids still keep coming back.  It is a great opportunity to learn a new skill, share a relationship with an animal, and overcome some fears.  Our riding center hosts over 30 horses, two barns, and three separate riding rings for individualized instruction.  Once they work on voice commands, and control of the horse, the lessons continue with a progression of posting and other ring work. Our wonderful property allows for endless trail rides and excitement.  During our longer session boys work on jumping, drill team, and cross country. High Rocks is a great place to learn the joy of riding year after year.

Keep the mail coming.  The hand written letter is still alive at camp. No texting here :)…  Parents can also email and fax a letter if you need to speed up the process.  The boys love receiving mail.

I sure am thankful for all of you.  Your boys are incredible and they are having an incredible time! Enjoy the pcitures! Feel free to share those awesome picture on your social media timelines. We love to spread the word of High Rocks!  Just click on any picture to open it in a new window. You can save or share from there.

Have a great night,


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