Freedom Fun and Games!

Today’s Pictures

The 4th of July was certainly cause for much celebration today at camp!  We started the morning with Jimmy Hendrix’s version of the Star Spangled Banner blaring through camp for wakeup followed by many other patriotic tunes to get everyone moving.  Campers and staff came to breakfast adorned in red white and blue.  Since it is Saturday everyone enjoyed pancakes cooked by Don and Dan this morning.  It is a long standing tradition started by High Rocks Founder Sumner Williams that the pancakes are cooked by the director.

The morning assembly was full of great songs with themes of patriotism and pride.  Campers then headed out to enjoy many creative and special events in their activities.  In sailing today the crew strapped the paddle boards together to make a vessel worthy of crossing the Delaware.  The Captain dressed as George Washington lead them safely each period in a historic journey.  In crafts they spent the day face painting and adding to the already fabulous attire of the campers.  Down at the climbing tower they hosted a 4th of July Adventure Day complete with challenges and prizes.  In horseback riding the campers enjoyed games on horseback including one that involved eating a donut tied to a string.

Lunch was full of energy and the crowd broke spontaneously into the Star Spangled Banner complete with one of our campers grabbing the flag from outside and waving it proudly in the dining hall.  The spirit continued after a nice rest hour after lunch.  During the choice period this afternoon we had an egg toss and then one of my personal favorites- Patriotic Counselor Painting.  As you can imagine we have great counselors and they go above and beyond every day.  Today they reached a new high by volunteering to have campers decorate them in red white and blue paint.  They are great sports!

This evening the campers were treated to the High Rocks Freedom Games which consisted of some great relay races including the dizzy bat race, and sack races.  It was a great evening with all of camp gathered together.  The games ended with a chilly treat of firecracker popsicles and then the guys headed back to their cabins to shower and get ready for the fireworks still to come this evening.

Camp is always full of fun and energy but it is hard to top a day like today.  It was a fantastic day full of good ol’ American fun! I hope you will enjoy the pictures from today- they are fabulous thanks to Mar our photographer!



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