High Fives All Around

Today’s Pictures

Greetings everyone! Life on the other side of the lens gives you quite a perspective into camp and the campers.  Being the camp photographer allows me to have an awesome day every day because I get to see all the kids having a great time!  I had a particularly awesome day, and asked Don if I could do the blog tonight.

It’s the beginning of our second week and camp is in full swing! Everyone is in the groove as many trips headed out today and activities are advancing.

As the photographer, I have a very unique view of camp. I am one of the few people who visit every activity, everyday. Not only do I participate in activities with kids – yes, I’ve made clay creatures, partnered up with campers for a round of king of the court; I’ve climbed the wall and even zip lined with the kids – but I also get to see probably the best thing about camp – in my opinion. And that is watching each boy at High Rocks grow, develop, advance and refine their skills in each activity.

One of the things I’ve noticed lately is the bonds we all have formed with one another. There is no doubt that the campers bring delight and unique spirit to our counselors and let’s face it – this camp gets its energy from these amazing kids!

You may notice a theme in my photos today and that’s a lot of high-fiving is going around camp. The origin of the high five is found in sports in the 70s. Today, it has become a way to greet people, or just express happiness. The high five has also become a way to bond. Forming a bond, whether between two campers or a camper and a counselor really makes High Rocks the strong community it is. We are all about community here – teaching campers to look after one another while being mindful & respectful of nature all while having fun.

The high five is such a simple, fun and quick way to spread joy, share excitement and celebrate an accomplishment – all while bonding. And isn’t that what camp is all about?

I hope you all enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy taking them every day and bringing the camp life to you at home. You all are truly experiencing camp through my perspective. I hope it is obvious how much these kids enjoy every day here and why this is my favorite place to be in WNC.

Have a wonderful evening,

Margaret, the camp photographer – or “Mar Star” as the kids know me.

PS – So when the campers return home, to keep the spirit of camp going, I wanted to share the secret to the perfect high five: Always watch the elbow of the person you are high fiving. You’ll never miss!! Go ahead, try it!

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