Mini II Open

Today’s Pictures

We sure enjoyed seeing all of our Mini II families today!  The cool breeze welcomed them to the mountains when they stepped out of their cars.  The boys jumped right into camp with a quick tour and lunch.  After lunch the warm day made for a welcoming swim test and then right into their afternoon activities.

Some of our four week campers were up at 6AM this morning to head out on trips.  A group of advanced hikers were heading to Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest to spend five days in the wilderness.  A two-day climb also headed out the door before 7:30AM heading to Virginia to a secret rock climbing area that will serve them well this week.

There are some great pictures from today’s Tuckaseegee River trip. Several boys were hitting this river fro the first time!  Finally, a young group of cavers were heading into the darkness today for an awesome indoor hike.  They crawled through some tight spots and enjoyed a finish wading through an underground river before heading out of the cave.

It warmed up quite a bit  this afternoon allowing for many guys to take advantage of the lake during choice period.  The evening program enjoyed the increasing cloudiness while they played several different field games, went off the rope swing, and challenged each other in dodge ball.  The rain began to fall just after snack tonight.  I hope it continues for a while.

Life is good on the mountain.  Have a great night!


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