Mini II Overnights

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The Mini II boys are rolling now!  It is great to see them in the groove with camp already.  Tonight all the Mini II boys headed out for their cabin overnights.  I right of passage for every camper, every year.  It is a moment to enjoy some time together with their cabin, cook outdoors, enjoy some laughs and games around the fire, and (of course) eat s’mores!  We look forward to hearing the stories tomorrow morning at breakfast.

First Time Parents: The first letters from the Mini II campers should be arriving home.  Some of you may find the first letter could talk about some homesickness.  My guess is that they are over it by now.  If you have any concerns, let us know.  Don’t forget that an encouraging letter focusing on their achievements is the best tool.  Again, I feel like these boys are really rolling in camp right now. I just wanted to set you up for success.

My favorite part about these four week boys is how well they can schedule themselves throughout the day.  Sure, they have an activity schedule, but I have enjoyed watching them make the most of their choice periods, down time, and the wonderful group of boys that surround them. Of course, they enjoy their active time, but I really appreciate their ability to relax as well.  Four weeks can be a marathon.  Many of these boys have gone all-out these first couple of weeks and are now starting to work on the final pace through the finish.  It is so much more than just activities.  Camp at High Rocks is teaching these boys a lot about themselves.

I usually make a point to sit with a table of boys at meals a few times a week. I like to hear first hand how camp is going for them, how they are getting along in their cabin, what they like about their counselor, and (most of the time) help them with their table manners :).  I find it amazing how excited they get when talking to me about camp. Sometime I think it is just the fact that an adult has a genuine interest in what they have to say, so their excited to share.  Tonight’s dinner conversation was a lot of that.  Of course, the youngest guys always have a lot of questions.  The older guys tonight enjoyed speaking about their cabin counselor mostly. It sure is a fun bunch!

The cool sunny weather continued today. It was a refreshing change from the latest heat!  It was also Waikiki Wednesday.  A small themed event that really brings us fun shirts, luau music in the dining hall, and usually some sort of fun drink to beat the heat.  Zoob and I moved through camp in a sort of ice cream truck style.  We dressed up in grass skirts and leis, loaded up some fun beach-style music in the gator, created some fun fruity punch served with mini umbrellas, and grabbed an inflatable palm tree (of course).  We moved around different areas of camp and spread the joy of a summer day.  The boys are always a little surprised by the event.  It was a big hit for choice period, especially the inflatable palm tree.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings us.  It is bound to be incredible!



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  1. July 15, 2015 by Lucas

    What a fantastic day! Thanks foreverything. Today is our son’s birthday and we can tell from the smiles…. and smiles that he is having such a great time at camp!