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Today’s Pictures

We had yet another perfect day of weather at camp!  It was a beautiful and cool morning in the mountains and then warmed up as the day went along.  Our mini session campers returned from their overnight his morning in time for breakfast.  There were tales of large animals very close to their shelters which turned out to be squirrels.  It was a great night of bonding for the cabin groups and a chance to sit by the campfire and tell stories while eating s’mores.  Life just doesn’t get much sweeter!

We started off the morning with an excellent assembly full of campers helping lead the songs.  The band has done an excellent job this session and the campers are especially into the songs this session.  It is such a great way to start the day!

We had a bunch of trips head out of camp again today.  The paddlers went to section 9 of the French Broad for a day of whitewater.  The climber enjoyed a beautiful day at and were super excited about the wonderful temperature today.  It made for a very pleasant day to be on a rock face.  The mountain bikers spent the morning at Jackson Park where they were able to perfect some skills and enjoy catching some big air on the jumps.  We had another group of cavers that explored Woorley’s Cave in Tennessee.  They came back with great tales of tight squeezes and muddy conditions which were perfect for this group of guys!  Our hikers spent the day at Pink Beds in Pisgah National Forest.  They enjoyed some excellent hiking and got to enjoy the beautiful scenery provided by the rhododendron that inspired the trail name with its bountiful pink blooms this time of year.  We can’t wait for the five day hike to return from Joyce Kilmer tomorrow to see the pictures and hear all about their adventures.

You might think with all of the trips out of camp there was not much going on in camp but quite the opposite was true.  The lake was buzzing with swimmers, sailors, fishermen, and paddlers all day.  The guys are making great advances in their shooting accuracy in archery and riflery.  Tennis and soccer had them moving and shaking.  Horseback riding had campers working on skills in the ring and on trial rides.  A lot of the campers enjoyed smaller class sizes which leads to a lot of individualized instruction on days like today.

It never got too hot and by the evening campers were putting on sweatshirts to head down for movie night after everyone showered and cleaned up.  It is such a treat when we bring out movie night since the campers are unplugged while at camp.  We project the movie onto a big screen in the gym and I think the staff enjoy the movie just as much as the kids.  This evening we played Big Hero 6.  It is fun to see the older campers just as enthusiastic as the youngest age groups.

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  1. July 17, 2015 by Thelma

    I enjoy the pictures. I am also a doting grandmother who enjoying seeing my grandson. Thank you