Rain or Shine

Today’s Pictures

Here we are already heading into our first weekend. I can’t believe how fast the first days have flown by with this group of guys rapidly settling into camp for the first (or ninth) time.

Today was one of those times where we remember why Transylvania County is classified as a temperate rain forest. Light rain, big clouds, and cool breezes moved quickly through camp all day… and the boys loved it! To live at camp is to live more closely attuned to your surroundings than most of us are able throughout the year. With our weather being so dynamic, it can have dramatic impacts on the mood and can change the feel of camp several times of day. This particular day, the weather drove some great energy across High Rocks and sent it along on the trip out as well.

Paddlers were up early and shot out of camp to Section 8 of the French Broad river. All of the natural resources in the area will soon be inundated with the July 4th hordes, so this was our last crack at the rivers until next week begins. From all the stories I heard, the boys took solid advantage of a relatively empty day on a wide river with lots of features to play in and around. One of the moves practiced frequently by the group was to catch an eddy (still water behind a rock) and then ferry to another eddy while facing almost totally upstream. When done well, the river’s current helps your boat move faster than you expect and resulted in many surprised looks quickly replaced by huge smiles as the boys shot back and forth. As is usual after an all day river trip, the group rolled in just in time for dinner, and will be begging for lights out tonight!

In camp the guys were crushing activities across the board. Rain starts to fall? They hit the tennis balls harder. Sun comes out? Horseback riders already are trotting and cantering. Another front moving through kicks up a strong wind? Sailors rip across the lake with much verbal enthusiasm. The campers in this session feel focused and obviously are working towards personal goals they set forward at the beginning of the week, or even held over from last year. Knowing that tomorrow is Independence Day, they were working hard before playing even harder on a day most patriotic and ridiculous. In casual conversations around camp, guys know the schedule well into next week and are aiming to get on particular trips, complete projects, or shoot a certain score to advance. Balanced with the general goofy fun of boys’ camp is a seriousness that is fun to watch, and surprising at times in its intensity!

Enjoy the pictures from tonight, and get lots of good laughs from the ones tomorrow. Then Sunday will provide a camp version of a relaxing day before the guys gear up for a second week of fun, work, skills, trips, and friends. Looking forward to it!


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