Simple Joys in Life

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The morning started early for many of our campers who spent the night out on cabin overnights.  They trickled into camp after packing up their sites and making the hike through the woods before the wake up bell rang.  The rest of camp woke up to the sound of the bell and our first camper group of the session yelling “Good Morning High Rocks,” a camp tradition.  The campers then quickly gathered in the dining hall to eat breakfast before embarking on a trip to the Tuckaseegee River.

After breakfast campers gathered in the lodge for some great camp songs and announcements.  Today’s motion song to get everyone moving was Little Cabin in the Woods.  If done in proper High Rocks fashion it includes tiny cabin in the woods and MONDO CABIN IN THE WOODS.  It is a crowd favorite and never ceases to delight both campers and staff!  The day was off to a great start and the mild temperatures have kept the energy going all day long.

Sailors enjoyed a great day on the lake and yielded to the canoeing classes working on strokes.  The tennis courts were full of campers working on quick feet and in lessons today with Coach Mighty.  Mountain bikers spent more time getting in the swing of things with bike checks and proper riding techniques before heading out on the trails.  The tower was busy with climbers and some of our upper seniors on the ropes course this morning.  In Pottery and Crafts campers channeled their creative energy into molding clay and plans for woodworking projects.

We had a group of young campers that spent the morning hiking up Rich Mountain located adjacent to camp.  They enjoyed some great hiking and vistas along the way and made it back to camp in time for lunch.  Lunch today was cause for celebration- it was TACO DAY!  Campers and staff ate tray after tray of chips, tortillas, salsa, beans, seasoned meat, cheese, guacamole, and many other toppings of their choice.  Taco day at camp is kind of a big deal. Don even wore his “Yay Taco” shirt in celebration!

This evening we have five groups out on their cabin overnights. They will get to enjoy pita pizzas and s’mores over the fire.  Many will enjoy games of Mafia trying to figure out “who done it?” while enjoying the company of their cabin group gathered around the campfire.

It really is the simple things at camp that can inspire so much enthusiasm and fun.  Our campers and staff know how to celebrate some of the simple joys in life and are able to feed off of each other.  It is fun to watch campers who have been waiting all year for camp, dive into the action with both feet.  Things at camp are off and running and we have set a great pace for many adventures to come!

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