The Mountain Air

It sure was a beautiful and cool mountain morning!  The sixty-five degree temperature compounded with a nice breeze added a nice chill to the morning air.  I loved it!  I also enjoyed some of the youngest boys wandering in from their cabin overnights. They were a little dirty from last night’s endeavors, but still filled with spirit!  The day warmed up nicely with a hefty breeze all morning long.  It was perfect for our sailors!  Everyone enjoyed a little break from the heat with a high of 79 degrees today.  Tonight may even feel brisk as we approach sixty degrees!  I’m quite excited about that.

I hope today’s pictures will show you all the great events happening around camp throughout the day.  Some of what you may not see are the daily trips we have heading out of camp.  Climbing and paddling have trips out most everyday during the week.  Today was no different.  We were able to add a few pictures from a couple of these trips today.  Some of the boys enjoyed a trip to the French Broad River, Section 0.  A nice moving water float trip that allows them to learn the first aspects of the river environment.  The climbers enjoyed both morning and afternoon trips on our Cathedral Rocks today.  These 40 foot “boulders” are a great introduction for climbing that are right on our property. Our hikers also enjoyed a great trip over to DuPont State Forest, just around the corner.

We enjoy a lot of great aspects of life here at High Rocks. I am sure you have heard me share many of these delightful blessings.  What really makes a difference is our incredible staff. You can have all the treasures in the world, but it is the staff that make it special.  Many of our staff are previous campers, while others are professionals in their field of study. You will see them hard at work today in many of our pictures.

I can’t believe we only have seven days to go! Time sure is moving fast this session.  We are looking forward to an exciting weekend!  I cannot wait to share the details with you! Have a great night!



Today’s Pictures

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  1. July 31, 2015 by Mike

    What fun! Thanks for the great pixs. Love to see these kids enjoying life!