The Perfect Day

Today’s Pictures

We sure did enjoy the sleep-in this morning!  The day started gently as we slowly began to get ourselves going in camp this morning.  I made a point of stopping by the youngest cabins during the morning clean-up process.  I thoroughly enjoyed the mood around camp.  Kids were doing their chores and slowly getting themselves together.  This morning was also laundry day.  It’s not something you typically put as one of your key mission items at camp, but it IS part of the learning that happens at camp.  Sorting clothes, stripping beds, and carrying the load up to the dining hall require a lot of direction, attention, and teamwork.  It is sort of funny to watch them figure this out along with the help of their cabin counselor.

The next part of the morning included a short assembly followed by our lakeside music and service. We wrapped up the morning with choice period throughout camp. I enjoyed the many camper-counselor tennis tournaments this morning. It is always a good sportsmanship event. What I enjoyed most was seeing many of these boys enjoying some quiet time outside of the cabin.  Several small groups were in different parts of camp playing games, cards, or just reading a book in the grass. Truly a comfortable moment around camp.

After a hefty southern style lunch with fried chicken and all the fixin’s, we took a short quiet time before the big event of the afternoon, Illahee Fun Day! The girls of Camp Illahee came over this afternoon to enjoy some fun coed games and activities.  We then hosted them for a wonderful cookout on the lawn.  There was all sorts of fun and excitement.

Tonight for campfire one of my good friends, Bradley Carter came by to play a little banjo music and share a story.  I met Brad my second year of camp when he was hired on as a climbing staff member.  He continued at High Rocks for many years and even lead some climbing expeditions for us. He shared an incredible climbing experience he had with then famous German Climber, Thomas Hubert.  The boys really enjoyed it. He is currently a musician in Asheville.

The day ended perfectly with an incredible sunset just after campfire.  Many of the cabin counselors took advantage of the perfect evening by bringing their boys silently down to the lake.  They all sat silently without any prompting to enjoy the wonderful view offered to us this night.  No doubt many of those boys will never forget it…

It just keeps getting better!  Have a wonderful night,


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