The Weekend!

Today’s Pictures

We said goodbye to an awesome group of Mini I campers this morning. It sure was fun to hear all of the stories they shared with their parents as we toured around camp.  Nearly everyone one of the Mini I boys was a first time camper.  It sounds like they will all be back too!

The rest of camp enjoyed a fun-filled Saturday of activities in camp.  For many of the four week boys, it was an enjoyable experience to be back in camp.  As you may be able to tell by the pictures, many of these boys are out of camp a bunch during the week.  Hopefully, you will get a glimpse of your son today.

One of my favorite climbing activities in camp happened in camp today.  Crate Stacking day!  An event of grace and skills, each climber attempts to add create a stack of milk crates as high as he can while not only climbing up them, but balancing, and adding one crate at a time along the way.  It is super fun to participate and watch!

The lake was the center of attention again today as we continue with our warm sunny days and no rain.  Soccer enjoyed a cool game of trying to head the ball while jumping off the dock. Canoers were testing their skills in the “Canoeing Pentathlon.”  A number of burly skills to compete for time among the most advanced paddlers including; rope throws, canoe carries, and the gates course.

Several of the boys got caught up on some of their wood working and pottery projects today as well.  Many will head out on trips again on Monday, so Saturdays are a great time to focus on the in-camp activities we sometimes miss out on during the week.

Tonight we enjoyed deli night on the lawn followed by a square dance with Camp Illahee.  The older half stayed here, while the younger half spent their time down at the “heavenly world.”  Our friends, Laurie and Gordon Strayhorn, run a great program for girls down there.  Our daughters will be heading back to Illahee for their third summer in a couple weeks.  They are very excited!

As the sun set and we all headed back to the cabins for the night, I took a moment to enjoy the cool mountain air and the accomplishment of another great day here at High Rocks. We are all looking forward to a slower paced morning tomorrow.

Good night,


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