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Wake-Up with High Rocks

Waking up at camp has always been an exciting event.  Of course, we don’t get up as early as we do for school AND it is light out a whole lot sooner too.  It is the favorite part of our camp day. … »

The Last Day of Summer

What an exciting last day of camp! There are a lot of worn out boys tonight.  I can’t believe it has been two weeks already and the junior session boys have just come to a screeching halt after five days … »

Almost There

We finished the last of the trips for the summer! There are some great pictures of a group heading down the Green River today.  Another group was off to Pilot Rock for the last climbing trip of the summer. There … »

Wacky Hair Day and a Whole Lot More

Wacky hair day sure was a good start to the morning.  Zoob and a couple of her assistants opened the “salon” just after breakfast was started.  The boys filtered out slowly to have the hair properly “wacky” for the day.  Like most … »

The temperature tiptoed down into the upper 50s when the wake-up bell rang this morning, so breakfast saw more than a few people in sweatshirts and long pants, and the hot oatmeal gave even the Lucky Charms a run for their money! … »

Welcome Junior Session Campers

We are so excited to have our Junior Session campers here!  They have had a very exciting day and have already made a tie-dye T-shirt, completed a swim test, and gone horseback riding. All of this before dinner!  Their evening … »

Carnival Day and The Mud!

I really enjoy Sunday’s at High Rocks.  I think the change of pace adds a whole lot to the feel of camp.  Even though the wake-up bell is a little later on Sunday, I still woke up pretty early this … »

My day started a little earlier today.  For as long as I can remember the director has been making pancakes on Saturday morning.  My tenure has been no different. I learned how to make pancakes like any skilled craftsman learns … »