My day started a little earlier today.  For as long as I can remember the director has been making pancakes on Saturday morning.  My tenure has been no different. I learned how to make pancakes like any skilled craftsman learns a trade; you follow as an apprentice and learn from the master.  Hank taught me well, though I still don’t feel like I can fill the shoes he set out for me.  Anyhow, I sure did enjoy making hundreds of pancakes with Dan Noland this morning.  We rounded out breakfast with bacon, fresh fruit, and assorted cereals.  It is amazing how fast the cakes go at first, but the weight of the cakes then takes effect and the seconds line slowly dwindles to none.  I enjoyed handing out the cakes as much as I did making them.  It was a great start to the day.

Assembly helped work out some of the pancake bloat as we readied ourselves for what was probably the nicest day of the summer.  The high pressure system moved in and provided a crisp clear day with the perfect amount of warmness complemented by a nice breeze.

Over at hiking the boys enjoyed “car camping day.”  Picture your typical drive-in campground complete with lawn games, a campfire, hot dogs roasting on a stick, and the “hillbilly hot tub.”  The “hot tub” pictures are excellent and should help explain what I am talking about.  All the boys enjoyed the themed event.

The paddlers enjoyed some fun and games as well with a little leisurely tubing and canoe fill-ups!  Take four boys, put them in a canoe, arm two of them with buckets and see which boat stays upright the longest.  What a deal.  It sure is a heap of fun.

Our evening was even more spectacular!  The wonderful high pressure made for a cool and dry evening on the lawn for dinner.  We enjoyed our own personally made deli sandwiches, chips, cookies, and a coke.  It was like a big picnic with friends.  As the boys finished up they were enjoying some music a couple of the staff were playing.  Some boys were taking turns log rolling down on the hill, while others tossed the Frisbee around.  We could have just stayed there the rest of the night and been fine.  Evening age group activities included some dodge ball, rope swing, and field games finished off with some cheese and crackers for snack. What a great day! We sure are enjoying these guys.

Have a great night,


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