The Last Day of Summer

What an exciting last day of camp! There are a lot of worn out boys tonight.  I can’t believe it has been two weeks already and the junior session boys have just come to a screeching halt after five days full of excitement.

We wrapped up the afternoon with a Color War event.  Basically, a five-way capture the flag game all decked out in paint.  The boys had a blast and so did the staff.  We finished the day with a closing campfire and a wonderful sunset.  Just one boy from the session received a five-year High Rocks backpack.  We are looking forward to seeing some of those four year boys with packs next summer.

Don’t forget to check my notes from yesterday about closing day.  We will get things started around 10am as soon as the boys get out of assembly.  A few tips for the ride home tomorrow and next week:

  • Be sure to continue the conversation about camp at High Rocks and what his highlights were.  The stories are great, but sometimes boys need a little help to get the conversation started. All of the two-week parent should use their parent letter as an outline for the conversation.
  • Talk about next summer. If your son wants to return to High Rocks next summer (and we hope so), go ahead and decide which session he will attend.  Enrollment begins on Sunday, August 9th at 5pm.  You have a few weeks as returning campers, but after that you may have a harder time getting a spot with the first year applications coming in.
  • At some point next week: Sit down with your son and go through the pictures. He hasn’t seen them yet. This will definitely get him talking about camp and it is always fun to hear about what he was doing when a certain picture was taken.
  • Don’t forget about the parent survey.  We will send out a link on Monday.

Thank you for your trust.  And thank you for checking in every night and believing in our mission. You sure do have incredible boys and we truly enjoy having them be part of the High Rocks community.

Until next year,


Today’s Pictures


  1. August 8, 2015 by Gaga

    Don, thanks again for taking time at the end of a very busy day, to help of nervous nellie,GaGa, know her man was ok!! It meant the world to me each day, to get a look!! It’s 5 in the morning now. Have a great ending day!

  2. August 7, 2015 by Katy

    Thank YOU!