Wake-Up with High Rocks

Waking up at camp has always been an exciting event.  Of course, we don’t get up as early as we do for school AND it is light out a whole lot sooner too.  It is the favorite part of our camp day.  We enjoy gathering up any early trips that may be up in the dining hall to help the “GOOD MORNING HIGH ROCKS” event.  We sure do miss hearing that every morning!

We can’t forget about assembly… That is a big part of waking up at camp too!  We are still impressed to see these boys get so excited about singing together, going crazy, and being just plain goofy every morning.

While getting up for school is not always as cool as waking up for camp we thought we might help out our parents with their morning task.  Below is a quick video that should get your boys excited about their day.  Feel free to break it out every morning!  Let us know how it works!

Have a great week!

Don and Zoob

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