A Feast of Fun

As a short week wraps up, we now get time to focus on friends, family, food, and fun. Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday in the High Rocks family. Partly due to how beautiful camp is at this time of year, partly for its focus on all things delectable (food remains central to boys’ camp, even in the off-season), and because this is the first time since early spring that we have had a chance to take a collective breath and think back on the wonderful season freshly past.

Even in the midst of the summer bustle, we never lose sight of how lucky we are to come to work in such an amazing place. Camp’s ability to create a lasting community every summer for close to sixty years is one of the things foremost in my mind this holiday break as I await friends I first met as an eight year old camper in Hillside I. Though the physical place has a special power all of its own, the real magic of camp has always come from the people who have made it their own over the years. Campers, counselors, parents, alumni, and all of the others who make High Rocks what it is: Thank You!!

In this time of giving thanks, take a moment to pass along your appreciation of someone or something that has stuck with you from your time at camp. We all have those memories that have become a part of us, and all of those memories involve other people who shared in the experience.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, eat lots of turkey, enjoy time outside, and dream of summer camp days!

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