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What a Time We Have Had

Today’s Pictures It was a great last day of camp.  The highlight was definitely the color war.  After a hefty banquet of fired chicken, biscuits, fresh green beans, spuds, and sundaes we all headed up to campfire. Chris Dorrity shared … »

Last Full Day of Activities

Today’s Pictures I can’t believe it is almost there. What a fantastic session it has been. Tomorrow afternoon we begin our transition home.  Don’t get me wrong, it will be a filled day of fun and excitement, but the day … »

All Systems Go

Today’s Pictures We started today off very unusual for this session: yesterday’s welcome rain had cooled the air and brought all the greens out, but it was still hanging around, a bit drizzly. It sent some activities inside for a while, but … »

The Life of a Cabin Counselor

Today’s Pictures Good evening!  Our last week is off to a good start with a number of trips heading out the door today.  I can’t believe we will see you on Friday!  We still have a lot of time to … »

Best Sunday Ever!

Today’s Pictures Another fantastic Sunday here at High Rocks!  After a much needed sleep-in the boys worked hard to get their laundry up to the lot before breakfast. We had a great meal, then a little bounce around time in … »

Last Saturday

Today’s Pictures It is amazing some days how many people we have out of camp during the week.  I tend to forget until I see everyone back in camp on the weekends.  I was talking to one group of boys … »

TGIF… at Camp!

Today’s Pictures Our second Friday of the session began with a nice cool breeze and a solid breakfast of eggs, biscuits, gravy, and grits. Properly fortified, the boys charged into the day with the confidence of two week veterans, knowing … »

Beatin’ the Heat

Today’s Pictures It was another beautiful day here at High Rocks.  We are enjoying this beautiful warm sun everyday!!! I’m just glad we get to do it at 3000 feet where it isn’t terrible to be outside.  The breeze, the … »

You Can’t Do This at Home

Today’s Pictures What makes camp amazing is not just the adventure program but the fact that we are doing all of this away from our parents. Of course, the activities are incredible, but the process, the journey of what we … »

Summer’s Officially Here!

Today’s Pictures Today is the first full day of summer, after last night’s full moon rising on the solstice—a Strawberry Moon! The camp whippoorwill had celebrated most of the night, late and early, and, as the guys went to assembly after another … »